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Nicole Gebhardt is the CEO of Niche Pressworks publishing, a Marketing Strategist, and Certified Publishing Coach. Through marketing consulting and book publishing she helps Speakers, Coaches, Business Leaders & Consultants create compelling and effective messages to get heard in a noisy world. 
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Thanks for checking in with us. We manage our consulting and publishing requests based on your goals, our skills...and of course, our availability. If you're interested in working with us, please get the ball rolling by clicking "Apply Now" and sharing a few of details to help us prepare for an initial call.
90-Day Implementation Coaching/Consulting
Use this time to focus on one or two project goals and get them implemented in a short amount of time.
Great for objectives like designing a profitable business model, creating a marketing campaign or
preparing your marketing systems for rapid growth.

This Plan Includes...
  • Research: Prior to our first session, I'll dive into research to get familiar with you and your market via your application, online presence, and any other material you send my way. That way, I can hit the ground running for you.
  • Launch Session: During our initial meeting we’ll identify the goals you want to achieve, determine the strategies that are most appealing to you, and create a manageable plan to everything done. You’ll be crystal clear on what you want to accomplish and have a very specific 90-Day Action Plan. This 1.5 hour meeting can be held via phone or Skype.
  • Ongoing Sessions: This call is the heart of your consulting and the support you need to stay focused and on track. We'll schedule 1-hour weekly (or bi-weekly) calls to keep working out the details of your implementation plan. You'll also have access to me via email and/or Voxer (voice messaging) for help when you need it.
  • Step-by-Step Project Checklists and Resource Referrals: It is one thing to know you need to create something like a social media strategy or a video sales letter. It’s a whole different ball-game figuring out how to do it or where to go to get the applications you need to get it done. In addition to your plan, I’ll provide you with step-by-step checklists and resource suggestions and help you prioritize these tasks into your 90-Day Plan. 
Twice a Month Consulting + Email Support at $400/mo
Weekly Consulting & Email Support at $700/mo
Monthly consulting agreements are open-ended after 90 days.  
Crush It! Full and Half Day Consulting Sessions
Invite your team to join us for a Private Strategy Session focused solely on you and your goals. During our day together, we’ll create a crystal clear plan to attract and retain your ideal clients for your key service(s). In a surprisingly short amount of time, you'll have a solid marketing plan, a prioritized action list to implement, and a team of employees who understand the mission.
Together we will...
  • Get Clarity: We'll create a common understanding of your ideal clients and why they choose to do business with you so you can serve their real needs.
  • Find Opportunities: We'll determine how to use your marketing messages to position your team as experts in your field and discover ways to add additional value…and possibly new income streams.
  • Create More Business: We'll identify multiple ways to capture new business including up-selling, cross-selling, and referrals.
  • Systematize Your Marketing: Perfect your prospect and client experience and systematize it so that you leverage opportunities before, during, and after the sale.
  • Cement the Plan: Every Crush It! Session includes a summary of our decisions along with prioritized Action Items so the work gets done using your resources and ours as needed.
Your Crush It! Experience includes a detailed executive summary of our day’s decisions and my recommended action steps fully outlined as a prioritized checklist. Seven days later, We’ll meet to go through the report and determine the best way to get the work done and the plan implemented using your team or ours.
Crush It! Half Day Private Session at $1200
Crush It! Full Day Team Event at $3500
Crush it! Days include a Prep Consult and a Post Event Summary Session
Held via Skype or in-Person. Food & Travel not included.
Praise for Crush It! Sessions

Tressa Heath, Heath CPA & Associates

“I know my business pretty well but I’m an accountant…a marketing coach sees and knows things business owners that are not in that field don’t see or know! Nicole helped our whole team think through everything to do with our business with a marketing eye and we now can see what tremendous opportunity we’d been missing…and now we have a fantastic plan to put in place to make sure we don’t miss those opportunities ever again! I, my firm, my staff, and my clients are all better off after our day with Nicole!! My biggest surprise was that one area of our services that I did not think we could fit into a more marketable/understandable mold absolutely can be…and should have been all along!”

Julie Ott, Work Comp Management Services

“As a business owner, I spend a lot of time focusing on the "have to do" list, versus the "want to do" list. I've always focused on marketing and growing WCMS from the "want to do" list, but I didn't have a structured process in place to keep me on track with that very important task … Nicole helped me and my staff develop a comprehensive marketing strategy with clearly defined goals, target clients, a powerful, "cleaned up" service list, and tools to reach those clients and develop those partnerships that will grow our business. WCMS key employees now have specific areas of responsibility for marketing and growth. The attention we are getting from our new website, book, and com-prehensive [and] well-detailed service list is generating more calls and emails about our business than we've ever experienced. Nicole has a unique way of providing businesses with tools to maximize resources, develop stronger team and individual communication, and create excitement about working to grow the business. She is one of the best business decisions I've made!”

Dr. Will Miller, Keynote Speaker & Author

“My wife and I recently invested the day with Nicole to take an in-depth look at my business as a keynote presenter and author. The process was thorough, focused and amazingly well organized. As we worked through the analysis of my target market, I was amazed at what I hadn’t considered before. We discovered multiple opportunities I had been overlooking that have the potential of adding thousands of dollars to my bottom line with minimal additional effort. We're charging ahead full speed with the marketing plan she created and we're so grateful to have Nicole and her project manager helping us get it implemented!”

Get on the Waiting List
Thanks for checking in with us. We manage our consulting and publishing requests based on your goals, our skills...and of course, our availability. If you're interested in working with us, please get the ball rolling by clicking "Apply Now" and sharing a few of details to help us prepare for an initial call.
FAST HELP - 1.5 hour Rapid Results Session + Notes
This one-time session is for the people who need to ‘pick my brain’ and get clarity on a piece of the puzzle quickly– like “What are some other ways I could sell my products or services?” -or- “What could I create a book or podcast about?” -or- "Any marketing ideas for this big event I have coming up?" 
Together we will...
  • Orientation Assessment: As soon as we've set the date for our session, you’ll receive an assessment questionnaire to help me get clear about your goal, the challenges you’re facing, and what outcome you’d like during our time together. I’ll do my research in advance so I’m equipped to dig right in when we meet.
  • 1.5 Hour Fast Track Session: With clear goals established before we meet, we’ll spend our time focused on the best path to get you there. This meeting can be help via Phone, Skype, or in person in Laf. IN.
  • 30-Minute Follow-Up Call: to answer any lingering questions and make sure you’re confidently proceeding. To encourage you to implement immediately, this call must be made within 10-days of our original meeting.
FAST HELP - 1.5 hour Rapid Results Session + Notes at $500
Crush it! Days include a pre- and post-event private consultation
Plan, Write, or Publish Your Book
Interested in publishing your book with us now (without additional consulting first)? 
Please visit our Publishing page at to learn about our publishing packages.

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