Terms of Service

Last updated May 25, 2023

Applicant acknowledges that no guarantees expressed or implied, concerning specific results to be achieved were referenced on applicant's decision to participate. In consideration of your purchase, you confirm that you are fully responsible for any action that you take (or fail to take) and that you will not hold GebArt Strategic Communications LLC, its affiliates, assigns, or agents responsible for any damages or adverse outcomes, however caused, as a result of your registration or involvement in any of the services provided.

Participants also acknowledge that advice and information provided via Private Consulting|Coaching|Workshops|Services is not intended as or to be ordered as substitute for legal, account or other similar professional advice or services and should such advice or services be appropriate, participant is advised to seek such advice or service from the proper professional.

Further, GebArt Strategic Communications LLC does not accept any responsibility or liability for third party services and/or individual participant's particular interpretations, uses or applications of information provided and participants indemnify GebArt Strategic Communications from any such liability.

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Nicole Gebhardt
CEO, GebArt Strategic Communications
(dba Niche Pressworks)