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Step-by-Step Support for the Right Book

"I've been in journalism and PR for 30 years -- so I'm both a writer and a marketer. Did that lead me to walk into this whole book-writing thing thinking I had it in the bag? You bet it did -- at least until Nicole started counseling me. She quickly reoriented my thinking to make sure I wrote the right book for my audience, then coached me through each step of the process -- title, cover design, book structure, length, writing style -- to ensure I had the best chance of success. The results -- No. 1 best-seller status -- don't speak for themselves, they speak for Nicole and her team's insight, expertise and investment in me."
- Gary Schneeberger, Publicist and Bestselling Author of Bite the Dog: Build a PR Strategy to Make News that Matters

Twice as Many Paid Speaking Engagements

"Nicole’s process makes all the difference. Being a Best Selling Author has helped me not only to double the number of paid speaking engagements but to elevate the quality of speaking engagements that I book now. I'm also selling between 30-100 books per event which creates a new revenue stream and helps me impact more people."
- Dena Patton, Business Coach and Bestselling Author of The Greatness Game
New Business Model, Media Attention & TEDx
“Working with Nicole to create my book is the most pivotal thing I’ve done for my business. I think of my business in terms of “before book” and “after book” and I definitely prefer my after-book business! Nicole helped me grow from a one-on-one in-person business to a scalable online group coaching model with digital products so readers and fans can hire me from anywhere in the world. This holistic strategy has given me greater credibility and authority, which allowed me to raise my prices and gain a lot more media attention, paid speaking, and even a TEDx! I couldn’t have done any of this without my book opening those doors!”
- Rose Lounsbury, Simplicity & Minimalism Coach and Bestselling Author of Less. Minimalism for Real

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