Niche Pressworks
The Niche Pressworks Team

 Nicole Gebhardt
Founder & CEO

 Kim Han
Client Success Coach & Project Manager

 Nadia Bechler
Integrator & Business Manager

 Kimberly Fallon

...and there's more!
We've curated a team of experts to guide you not only in writing the right book but also to prepare you for the new opportunities your book will usher in, ensuring you and your brand evolves and thrives in step with your journey.

Our team of niche experts also includes:

Michael Hauge,  Hollywood Storytelling Expert
The story expert legends like Will Smith and Russell Brunson hire for their own story coaching.

Dena Patton
Mindset & Identity Coaching

Lauren Cobello
Media & Publicity Services

Gary Schneeberger
Media & Publicity Services

Carefully Selected
Writers, Designers, & Copy Editors

and Our Inner Circle Author Community

Niche represents a community of over 220+ business leaders.
All Niche Pressworks authors, from planning to published, are invited to monthly Zoom sessions to network, share, and learn together. 

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Step 1: Discovery Call

Share your business
vision and explore how our process can help you reach your goals faster.

Step 2: Mini-Intensive

Spend 90 minutes with Nicole getting clarity on your objectives and audience to define the right publishing strategy for you.

Step 3: Project Plan

Accept your customized consulting and publishing plan to get started right away.

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