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Publish the book they'll want to read...twice.
Strategic Publishing  for Business Leaders, Speakers, Coaches & Consultants
Inspire  |   Promote  | Convert
Don't put your brand at risk with the wrong book.
Your readers want an inspiring message worth their time and money.

You need a 5-Star book that drives people to ask you for more.

That's the book your brand deserves and we'll help you create it.
Hi! I'm Nicole Gebhardt
Together with my team, I help experts, speakers, coaches, consultants, and mission-driven leaders achieve their business vision through strategic book publishing.
My career started at Caterpillar Inc. managing Communications for VPs and VP elects. It was sitting at their table that I learned how to think strategically and act boldly. That's the experience I bring to your business or not-for-profit organization to help you inspire people to action.

Our mission is to support yours by helping you publish the right book for your goals. Our vision is to create 1000 books that will positively impact 1 million lives. 

Ready to get started on your book plan?
It's not only your book we're focused on.
We want to see you get the clients, the speaking engagements, the interviews,
and the partners you need to make a greater impact.
Business Growth Focus
Every good marketing plan starts within the context of a solid three year strategy. With your business vision, income opportunities, and ideal clients in mind, we help you develop the book that will elevate your brand and inspire your audience to action.
No Strings Attached Publishing
Our Done-for-You Publishing Agreement includes NO publisher royalties, NO sales commissions, and NO print minimums. You will always get wholesale price for your books, retain all the profits, and maintain the freedom to make changes to your accounts or content at any time.
Prioritized Marketing
Whether you want to change the lives of millions, or simply inspire 1000 true fans, we'll help you focus your marketing efforts to get your book into the right hands to achieve the income and the impact you want for your book and your business.
We Work with Inspiring & Passionate Business Leaders on a Mission.
A Proven Process to Achieve Your Unique Goals
You've got your eye on the next level for your brand. This is the process to get there faster.  
You know you want to be a published author, but maybe you haven't put pen to paper yet. Our expert staff will help you plan out the right book to accelerate your growth in the next 3 years.
Writing a great book isn't something you achieve alone. We'll check in regularly to help you strengthen your message and communicate with clarity and conviction.
From editing to design, proofing to printing, our publishing team will turn your manuscript into a gorgeous professional book that will look right at home on any retail shelf. 
You'll get expert help to become a Marketing Master and learn how to use your new book to get clients, speaking gigs, media attention, referrals, partnerships, and more.
Brand-Building Books that Change Lives
Recent titles from over 120 published business leaders in 5 countries: U.S., Canada, Australia, Sweden, and Thailand
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