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We Work with Inspiring & Passionate Business Leaders on a Mission.
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We Work with Inspiring & Passionate Business Leaders on a Mission.
Praise from Our Clients

"Nicole’s process makes all the difference. Being a Bestselling Author has helped me not only to double the number of paid speaking engagements but to elevate the quality of speaking engagements that I book now. I'm also selling between 30-100 books per event which creates a new revenue stream and helps me impact more people."

Keynote Speaker, Greatness Coach, Bestselling Author
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Niche Pressworks helped us put into print what we’ve been doing with our clients. And to do so in a way that people read and respond to it.
   The weeks we spent with Nicole on our publishing strategy, content structure, and graphic elements for each book helped us clarify our thinking and sharpen our presentation of the transformative approach we take to sales consultation.
   We’re now in the marketing process: promoting the books through speaking, podcasting, articles, and using the books both to sell and deliver our services. We’ve got a clear structure to our message and a fresh, relevant voice that is resonating strongly with our audience.
   The talented team at Niche Pressworks has demystified the writing and publishing process for us, and we’re already [finishing up] our next book. They guided us well through the process of achieving International Bestselling Author status, and we’re starting to see the business results that we are confident will come from our investment.

Co-Founders, International Executive Sales Consultants
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"[Nicole] made a huge impact on my life and helped me find my passion. I've forever grateful to you, Kim Han, and your entire Niche Pressworks team for giving me such a firm foundation on which to grow."


Advisor/Consultant, Speaker, Bestselling Author

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"With Nicole Gebhardt’s help, we went from a concept to having a beautiful published book in four months! My resulting book has been amazingly successful at helping our entire organization generate interest and conversation about women's development through mentoring."

Keynote Speaker, Founder Mentoring Women's Network
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"I've been in journalism and PR for 30 years -- so I'm both a writer and a marketer. Did that lead me to walk into this whole book-writing thing thinking I had it in the bag? You bet it did -- at least until Nicole started counseling me. She quickly reoriented my thinking to make sure I wrote the right book for my audience, then coached me through each step of the process -- title, cover design, book structure, length, writing style -- to ensure I had the best chance of success. The results -- No. 1 best-seller status -- don't speak for themselves, they speak for Nicole and her team's insight, expertise and investment in me."

Publicist, President ROAR, Bestselling Author
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"Working with Nicole to create my book is the most pivotal thing I’ve done for my business. I think of my business in terms of “before book” and “after book” and I definitely prefer my after-book business! Nicole helped me grow from a one-on-one in-person business to a scalable online group coaching model with digital products so readers and fans can hire me from anywhere in the world. This holistic strategy has given me greater credibility and authority, which allowed me to raise my prices and gain a lot more media attention, paid speaking, and even a TEDx! I couldn’t have done any of this without my book opening those doors!”

Simplicity Coach, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author
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"As a person who responds to external forces more than internal, I feel very lucky to have found Niche Pressworks to serve as my coach, counselor, editor, and graphic artist.  Nicole Gebhardt and Kim Han guided me through the process of getting the book in my head onto paper.  We started in September, book went for sale online in February -- who would have thought that would even be possible??  Thank you to the Niche staff for everything you do!"

Estate Organizer & Speaker

"Nicole is one of the best business strategists I know. She has an amazing ability to ask the right questions that create flashes of deep insight that enables the right plan to grow my business using the RIGHT marketing approach. She is not just an “idea” person, she is someone who can organize and get things done, even the hard things. Nicole’s strong grasp of human behavior and cutting-edge marketing strategies helped me craft a smart and solid plan for effectively positioning, marketing, and blending my two businesses. As a result of my work with Nicole, I published a book I can be proud of – one that is well-executed, nicely marketed, and speaks into my target audience."

Executive Leadership Consultant & Speaker

"I really had no idea what I was getting into and everything involved with getting a book to the public. Without Nicole, Kim, and the rest of the team at Niche Pressworks, I would not have a published book. This group led me through the process from start to finish, and even offered strategies for marketing the textbook and the associated continuing education program."

Continuing Ed creator & Adjunct Professor

"Working with Nicole has been fantastic!  Her experience in marketing, book writing and publishing, and her lived experience as an entrepreneur have been invaluable.  Nicole knows how to help me write my best book that supports the business I'm developing.  I can't imagine taking this journey without Nicole and her team."

HR Executive, Consultant & Mentor
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"I would never have finished my book without Nicole! She challenged me to get it done quickly, guided me along the way to making it something potential clients want to read, and has shown me how to market it effectively. Nicole and Crystal made the process easy and I felt support at each phase. Niche Pressworks is an invaluable resource. I’ve recommended Nicole to other future authors and plan to continue using her services."

Speaker, Financial Coach, and Budget Expert
The Niche Pressworks Team

Kim Han, Project Manager  |  Nadia Bechler, Admin Manager   |  Nicole Gebhardt, CEO

Plus our top secret 15 expert advisors, editors, and design partners.
You know who you are and our authors do too. Thank you!  :)

What Will Your Story Be?
What Will Your Story Be?

Watch Arlene's interview with Toastmasters as she describes how we helped her re-imagine her whole book strategy. And yes, Nicole really did have her start over on her finished manuscript with a different angle for a different audience. "Working with Nicole and her team made the book better than I ever imagined."

Arlene Cogen, CFP
Certified Financial Planner | Speaker | Bestselling Author

"Working with Nicole to define an exciting new business strategy and publish my first book (which hit Amazon's Hot New Releases and Best Seller list!) was precisely the leverage I needed to advance my business and attract my perfect clients. I'm elated!"

Strengths Coach | Organizational Development Consultant | Bestselling Author
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"We partnered with Nicole and her team to not only publish an International Best Selling Book for our organization, but also to create a licensed version for our certified trainers around the world. Our book has not only brought us thousands of dollars in revenue, it's helping our members do the same for their local businesses."

CO-Founder & President Functional Aging Institute,
International Bestselling Author
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"Nicole helped me focus. When I came to her saying I had an idea for a book, and was speaking at an event in a few months, she said we will get it done by then, and we did. She has a talent for discovering who the customer target is, and how to write to her. My experience was extremely positive, and would recommend her to friends or colleagues looking to write a book."

TEDx Speaker | Leadership Trainer | Podcast Host
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"When I look back at all I've accomplished in my life -- winning all those championship body building titles and the discipline it took to do that -- nothing has given me the satisfaction that writing this book has given me. It feels so much more powerful and I'm helping so many other people now too. It's a great sense of accomplishment. Having Nicole coach me and keep me focused was huge."

Coach, Gym Owner, & Bestselling Author

"Team Niche Pressworks did exactly what they said they would do. They were organized, driven for success and I think thorough. My ONLY regret is that I didn't approach this process like a student vs a know it all. Turns out, I didn't know anything about writing a book or having a marketing strategy for today's reader.  We tweaked (probably would have saved myself a bunch of time if I'd just followed the plan), and I love the results. BRAVO!! They get 5 stars, I get 2 stars."

End of Life Doula and Family Advocate, Entrepreneur, Speaker

"The attention we are getting from our new website, book, and comprehensive [and] well-detailed service list is generating more calls and emails about our business than we've ever experienced … She is one of the best business decisions I've made!"

Owner of Work-Comp Management Services

“Being an author of a book helps us stand out as the fitness authority in our community. We're using it everywhere - for book signings, giveaways, referrals, networking, etc...and it's working. It gives us instant credibility and has gotten me speaking gigs that I otherwise would not have gotten. It's also allowed me to stand out to doctors and other professionals. It's increased our referrals and lead generation big time!"

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Owner of Daphne Fit Body Bootcamp and Daphne Fit Body Forever
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